Our mission is to bring back music from beyond time and space.
To pass down culture through advanced technology.

Through this background, we do not change the magnificence and delicacy or the exaltation and silence of music. Through the idea of music being the lead actor and audio being the stagehand, we create the ultimate ideal to enhance music.

We want to be a brand that can help music lovers find joy through music while maintaining respect for the artform.

To connect the music culture of today to the next era.


The cutting edge of analog.

Reduce all kinds of noise and keep more silent.
Reproduce the music as it is without any additional processing.

In search of spacious sound feeling and natural sound that resonates within

CSPort has
We keep working on developing that are based on low noise, low distortion, extremely ,without feedback and optimizing sophisticated components worldwide by JAPAN Made philosophy.
Keeping eyes on the cutting edge of Analog.

CSPort's Three technologies


Adoption of non-feedback system


In the negative feedback circuit, since the audio signal causes intermodulation and becomes different from the original sound, CSPort, which emphasizes the reproducibility and realism of the music, is consistent without feedback.

The audio signal that has not been feedback is a smooth sound that is not suppressed and reproduces the original sound as it is.
In order to minimize the TIM distortion generated by applying feedback, it is important to make "no feedback" and "to reduce the number of amplifying elements".

Therefore, we achieve low distortion in the following way.
Minimizing the amplification stage using a proprietary transformer,
Set the optimal plate voltage using the straight part of the tube
By placing a MOS-FET between the tubes and performing optimal impedance matching.


Optimized switching power supply


Rectifiers and contacts used in general power supplies are sources of noise, and also "power supply quality is sound quality. CSPort has 40 years of knowledge and skills in power supply manufacturing and uses switching regulators optimized for audio applications in all products. An analog regulator is arranged in the latter stage, and the noise level is completely cleared.
By using a switching regulator

  • Realization of stable high-voltage supply at 1,400V (power amplifier 212PA) / 1,050V (power amplifier GM70PA)
  • Weight reduction of 24.5kg (212PA) and 28kg (GM70PA)
  • Worldwide common power supply voltage

And so on.


Outstanding noise control


We have highly reliable noise processing technology based on experience in the production and development of industrial equipment including the medical field, Shields and attenuates mixed noise and unnecessary vibration from inside and outside the system. It does not add any unnecessary signal other than the audio signal engraved on the sound groove. We generously introduce ideas and techniques for creating faithful and quiet sounds.

Company Profile

CSPort is a Japanese audio manufacturer founded in 2014.
Starting with the power amplifier 212PA, phono equalizer amplifier C3EQM2, and analog player LFT1 (announced in 2017), it has been widely used not only in Japan but also around the world.

Company name CS Port Co., ltd.
Address Office nishinakano, 1-1-18 nishinakano Toyama city Toyama , 939-8084
TEL +81 (0)76 461 4188
Establishment September 1, 2014