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CS Port Co. , ltd.

Our company consists of hard working and passionate engineers
who are dedicated to creating equipment
that produces the highest quality of sound.

CS Port Co. , ltd.

Engineers have worked endlessly to bring us sound quality that accurately reproduces timeless sounds and melodies.

CS Port Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and continues to create and manufacture high-end audio units. It is our guarantee that the power supply performance has increased 70% based on current noise processing technologies. Our high-end audio products have a pure and clear sound due to our new power supply capabilities.

Dedicated to producing Non-NFB & Power Supply technology for 45 years

Our key technology is our outstanding noise processing techniques and non-feedback system with circuits of both high precision and linearity. These have contributed to the continuous advancement of the switched-mode power supply over the years. With our high quality and reliable design, it enables us to offer high-end audio products such as vacuum tube type power amplifier, equalizer amplifier, analog type turntable for home, etc.

CS Port Co.
CS Port Co.

Only Non-feedback system delivers more refined sound

CS Port consists of engineers that specialize in power supply and analog circuitry. They assist in recreating precise original sounds of records. Our philosophy is to reproduce an original records’ natural and pure sounds are extremely important so that music can resonate in the listeners’ hearts. We aim to produce local Japanese high-quality products.

Please feel free to check out the equipment produced by our passionate and talented engineers.

We host listening parties at our local audio shops. For more details, please contact us.

CS Port Co.

Philosophy of CS Port

  • Basic designs created by using principal technology
  • non-feedback circuit(without any feedback)
  • Mechanism follows the principal physics law of inertia
  • High quality / high reliability design
  • Fundamental power supply and technology

Features of CS Port

  • Ultra-low sound power supply
  • High precision / high linearity non-feedback
  • Sales promotion through an excellent dealer network
  • Thorough user support
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Company profile

Company name CS Port Co., ltd.
Address Office Nishinakano, 1-1-18 Nishinakano, Toyama city, Toyama , 939-8084
TEL +81 (0)76 461 4188
Established September 1, 2014
(G.A.) Japan Audio Association Full Member

(G.A.) Japan Audio Association Full Member