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Elimination / IME 1 demagnetizer


The damping magnetic field is radiated from the bottom of IME 1 and erases the magnetism of the record board, suppressing the static electricity while listening. This makes it difficult for dust to accumulate on the record board and the needle. The playback sound becomes quiet, scratch noise decreases and you can hear the details of each sound. Furthermore, damage to equipment due to electrostatic discharge in winter is eliminated.

Details on electricity removal / demagnetizer IME 1 are here

Medical field certified Pump Unit POU1

Pump Unit POU1

This is an air pump unit for raising the Air Float Turntable TAT1 & Linear Tracking Arm AFU1-2.
Driven by a 12V DC supplied from the supplied AC adapter or TAT1 motor drive unit, the adoption of a motor-type pump has provided a long period of stable operation. Because the compressed air coming out of the pump is a pulsating flow, it can be supplied as compressed air with smooth vibration with a Π type filter. Furthermore, it adopts a sound leakage prevention system with a double sealed structure and maintains quietness enough even if it installs in the listening room.

Air quantity : Supplied to both "Turntable unit TAT1" and "Linear tracking arm AFU1-2"
Power supply : DC12V / Supplied AC adapter or TAT1 motor drive unit can also be supplied.
Weight / Size : 7kg / 210W × 212H × 335D
Accessory : AC adapter, Φ 6 air tube

Heavyweight Player Board LPB1

Heavyweight Player Board LPB1

Uses the same materials (granite) as the turntable base of Analog player LFT1 or Turntable unit TAT1. We create a firm scaffolding environment of the turntable with a weight of 30 kg.

Weight / Size: 30kg / 700W × 30H × 400D
Material: Black granite

Tone arm attachment

Two arm configuration with attachment

Tone arm installation example

Tone arm attachment is used for Turntable unit TAT1. Two arm configuration becomes possible by combining a base plate + various attachments.
* Swing arm attachment "SAA" will be processed according to your tone arm.

Base plate BPL1

Base plate

Linear arm Attachment LAA1

Linear arm
Attachment LAA1

Swing arm Attachment SAA1

Swing arm
Attachment SAA