A new accessory that focuses on cartridge friction and eliminates static electricity while playing records. Minimizes the effects of electrostatic charges and static electricity on records to make analog records more vivid.

Static Eliminator IME1


Static electricity is caused by cartridge friction.

The friction of cartridges can cause a record to be charged up to several hundred volts over time. And the "Coulomb force", "micro-gap discharge" and "rotating electric field" can cause noise. The IME1 is an all-new accessory that eliminates static electricity while a record is being played, keeping the charge low over time.


Neutralizes frictional charging with ions

During playback, positive and negative ions are emitted from the top of the record to suppress electrostatic charges. So the original sound can be played back without the negative effects of static electricity.

Demagnetizing function

Even a non-magnetic vinyl record still has a faint magnetism, it becomes noise in the form of a rotating magnetic field. When you press the demagnetization button, a damped magnetic field is emitted to erase the magnetism of the record.

User Review

・Scratch noise and static discharge noise are reduced.

・Easy to change records.

・The overall sound was quieter and the S/N ratio improved.

・I noticed a new sound even on familiar records.

・The resolution is higher. Richer mid-high range.

・I felt the effects of the CD.

*Personal impressions, including aural impressions


Model IME1
Configuration Main unit and AC Adapter
<Static Elimination>
Method Ion Blowing
Time 30sec or less (Until drops below 50V.)
Method Damping Field
Time 12sec
Power Supply DC12V 0.5A, 100-240V
Installation By UNF1/4 Screw Holes
Dimensions 155W × 62H × 43D *
Weight 320g
Accessories AC Adapter(Cord Length 1,500mm)
■ Holder HLD1(Sold Separately)
Model HLD1
Installation Dedicated for IME1
Moving Range Up/Down 220mm, Left/Right 80mm
Weight 1.4kg

* Knobs and terminals are not included.

  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice

  • ■Dimensions