Static eliminator / demagnetizer

This is the remarkable product for analog playback to reduce frictional charging with cartridges. The positive and negative ions neutralize static charge on the record board. It minimizes the effect of static electricity, which has been an issue in analog playback, and allows the record to be traced in the sound groove. It is possible to reproduce the original sound. Not only does it reduce the crackle of static electricity and dust adhesion, but it has also been praised as follows.
"The S/N sensation is improved and the overall sound is quieter.
"Better signal-to-noise and overall quieter.
"The sound image emerges and there's a sense of high spatiality.
"There were new sonic insights on a familiar record.


Separation from static electricity

While listening, the IME1 is running all the time, emitting + and-ions from the IME1 body toward the record. It is effective in keeping low charging condition even after time has passed, and in avoiding adverse effects such as "Coulomb force," "microgap discharge," and "rotating electric field" caused by triboelectric charging with cartridge. It can also be used to neutralize CDs as well as records.


Demagnetizing function is also attached.

Minute amounts of magnetism remain even in non-magnetic recording disks, and random magnetization generates a rotating magnetic field and enters as noise. Pressing the operating buttons on the degaussing device causes a decay field to be emitted from the bottom of the IME1 for 12 seconds to erase the magnetism in the record.


Model IME1
Method Ion spray type neutralizer and attenuation type deaerator
Configuration Main unit and AC adapter
Static eliminator
Static elimination method Ion blowing type
Static elimination time 30sec or less (until voltage drops to 50V or less)
Degaussing method Damping field type
Demagnetization time 12sec
Power supply DC12V 0.5A, 100 / 240V
Mounting method By UNF1/4 screw holes
Size 155W × 62H × 43D Knob,terminal not included
Weight 320g
Accessories AC adapter (cord length 1,500mm)
Holder HLD1
Type HLD1(Sold separately)
Fixed object Dedicated for IME1
Amount transferred Up/down 220mm, left/right 80mm
Weight 1.4kg
  • Changes in specifications, design, design, price, etc. may be made without prior notice.


IME1_本体正面.jpg  IME1_外形図.jpg