Compactly designed turntable with a flagship concept. The weight of the granite base, the stainless steel platter, and the air floating establish a high level of quietness.

Turntable TAT2


Heavy turntable

The base is made of 19 kgs granite, which has been stabilized over 5 million years. The weight of the base and the vibration damping characteristics of the granite suppresses micro vibrations. It is also equipped with a platter of 17 kgs stainless steel. This platter is floated by air. It is supported only by the pressure of the air (only a few hundred grams). Normally, with a single point of support, you'll hear a dinging sound when you hit the platter, but by damping it with an air layer, you'll get a knotty sound.


Non-servo motor drive

Servo noise is eliminated by open control. The platter is driven by a DC Brush-less motor and thread, and the platter rotates by inertia alone.


It uses a unique "XFD system" that provides to the motor a highly accurate voltage with no fluctuations, based on a crystal transmitter.


Available with two arms

Attachments for your specified tonearm are included. Linear-arm AFU1-2 and your swing-arm can be used. Two arm configurations are also available by adding attachments. (Up to 3 arms can be installed.)

*Attachments for the second and subsequent arms are sold separately.

*Linear arm AFU1-2 is sold separately.


Silence air supply

The air supply is equipped with a highly reliable pump that is also used for medical equipment, and powerfully supplies the capacity required for the platter. The double-sealed sound leakage and vibration prevention system maintains sufficient silence even when installed in a listening room.

*Air Supply POU2 is sold separately.


Model TAT2

[Base]JIS0 grade granite

[Platter]Stainless steel SUS304


[Base]19 kg

[Platter]17 kg

Motor Control

Quartz Oscillator, No-Feedback "XFD system"

Drive System Thread drive (Aramid)
Motor DC, Brush-less, Low-noise
Turntable Speeds 33⅓, 45 rpm
Rotation Precision ±0.3%

0.2%/0.04% less

Power Supply AC100/120/200/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 40 W
Dimensions 440Wx128Hx320D mm

AC cord, Drive thread, Air tube Φ6, Tonearm attachment x1(Modified to fit your tonearm), Level

Sold Separately

Player Board LPB2, Air Supply POU2

Linear Arm AFU1-2

Warranty Period 5 years(Excluding consumables)
  • Requires Air Supply POU2 (Sold separately)
  • We also have a stabilizer for EP discs.
  • Please note that this product is not suitable for use with open circuit cartridges that use an air-core coil.
  • Since the motor is not servo controlled, it takes time to reach a constant speed.

  • Due to the use of granite, the pattern and color tone of the stone may vary depending on the production lot.
  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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