Tube type phono equalizer amplifier with reliable tube C3g. Battery operated and completely separated from the AC line. Able to amplify to the level required by the preamplifier without adding any extra components.

Phono Equalizer Amplifier C3EQ


Equipped with high reliability tube C3g

Equipped with the ultra-reliable C3g, developed by Deutsche Telekom for telephone repeaters. The thin grid lines and large distance between electrodes enable high linearity amplification. The C3g is soldered directly onto the board to reduce noise at the contact point.


Built-in MC transformer

Built-in MC transformer. The MC cartridge can be amplified by connecting a cable. The output is also isolated from other devices by a transformer system, which is not affected by noise. The transformer uses a high permeability super permalloy core, which allows minute signals to pass through, resulting in a high degree of linearity.


Battery powered and separated from the AC line

Current distortion and electromagnetic noise can enter through the AC line. This product is powered by a large nickel-metal hydride battery and is completely isolated from the AC line. Therefore, it amplifies to the level required by the preamp without adding anything extra.

・Battery Run Time: 5 Hours (Optionally 9 Hours)

・Battery Charging Time: 4 Hours (Optionally 8 Hours)


Selectable balanced or unbalanced input

You can choose between balanced and unbalanced inputs to connect to the cartridge. The only output with a higher level of signal is the unbalanced one.


Switching and analog power supplies

Rectifiers and contacts used in conventional power supplies are a source of noise that can penetrate the audio band. Therefore, it uses a switching power supply that has no mechanical vibration and no risk of magnetic flux. Furthermore, a high-precision analog power supply is placed on both sides to clear the flow. While switching power supplies can also be a source of noise, we have technology that developed over many years of power supply.


Model C3EQ
Type CR-type vacuum tube phono equalizer amplifier
Conformity Cartridge Impedance 3-20 Ω
Max. Output Voltage

6 V 1 kHz


0.1% 1 kHz 0.76 Vrms


63dB 1 kHz

Input Terminal

Balanced x1, Unbalanced x1

Output Terminal Unbalanced x1
Output Impedance 50 Ω 1 kHz
Power Supply AC100/120/200/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Run Time 5 Hours (Optionally 9Hours)
Charging Time 4 Hours (Optionally 8Hours)
Power Consumption 70W
Dimensions 430W×106H×415D mm *
Weight 13 kg

Anodic oxide coating, Rosewood plates

Accessories AC cords
Warranty Period 5 years(Excluding consumables)

* Knobs and terminals are not included.

  • This is a dedicated RIAA phono equalizer amplifier. Please note that it is not suitable for other equalizer curves.
  • Please note that this is designed for MC cartridges only and cannot be used with MM cartridges.
  • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.