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What is a second user?

A second user is a customer who obtained our products as second hand goods.
If you register, when important matter concerning product safety occurs, we can contact you from our company.
This makes it possible to use our products more safely.
Please make sure to register as a second user when you transfer or purchase second hand goods.
As a privilege of second user registration, if after repurchase, repaired regularly repaired within 1 year within a year, if second user registration is done, the warranty period will be extended for 2 years usually at 1 year It will be.

Flow of second user registration

Please contact us with the following registration form or telephone (+81 76 461 4188 ) when you purchase the assignment or second hand goods

We will mail the documents required for second user registration so please complete the necessary items and send it to us.

After completing customer registration at our company, we will send you a second user registration completed document by postal mail.


  • Second user registration is for individual users living in Japan.
  • Customers who wish to change ownership of products remaining in warranty period, please contact us.
  • There are some exceptions depending on the content of the problem regarding extension of the free repair period.

Second user registration form

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