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Product quality assurance

Our audio products are subjected to numerous strict checks from the selection of individual parts to the manufacturing process and shipment to ensure thorough quality control, but if our machine fails, our service · Please contact the center or purchase store.
The warranty period of all products is 5 years from the date of purchase.
After purchase, if it fails within 5 years under normal use condition in accordance with the instruction manual of the instruction manual, we will repair it free of charge.
We will judge the availability of free repair target.

About warranty period

We have delivered a quality warranty card by mailing the customer registration card attached to the product.
Flow of validity period validity
1: Please fill out the necessary items on the attached customer registration card and send it to us.
2: We will send you a product warranty by post by completing customer registration at our company

  • If you do not return for a long time from the date of shipment, we can not issue a warranty card, so please return it within 10 days.
  • The customer card is not attached to the option product, but it becomes a guarantee for 5 years from our shipping date.
  • Please note that the contents of warranty are subject to change without notice.

About charge repair

For repair in the following cases, you will be charged for paid compensation at actual cost.
Parts fee, technical fee, shipping fee, insurance fee, business trip cost in the case of repair work.

  • User registration by our customer card is not done (transferred goods / second hand goods)
  • Malfunctions and injuries due to errors in use and repair and remodeling outside our company
  • In case of failure / damage caused by inappropriate handling at the time of transportation / transfer after delivery
  • In case of breakdown caused by handling not observing the precautions described in the instruction manual
  • In case of malfunction caused by equipment other than this product
  • When repaired / remodeled outside our company
  • In case of fire, earthquake, flood damage, lightning strike, other natural disasters and breakdown or damage due to pollution or voltage abnormality
  • In case of breakdown or damage due to ingestion, salt damage, etc.

If you would like to repair, adjust and overhaul please see [ About Repair / Parts Holding Period ]

About second user registration

A second user is a customer who obtained our products as second hand goods.
If you register, when important matter concerning product safety occurs, we can contact you from our company.
This makes it possible to use our products more safely.

Click here for details on second user registration

Contact for warranty · user registration

For warranty period · customer registration card · second user registration If you have any questions or questions, please contact us.

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