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To trace the groove high-accuracy

Two features

Powerful damping by air layerStable arm unit supports fine needle tip
External noise and noise generated from the needle tip are absorbed by the air film of 0.01 mm.

By tracing the locus of the cutting machine as it is, interior and exterior sound differences are eliminated. Even with its large mass it' is able to trace low frequencies accurately.

Arm that supports fine needle tip/
Arm Unit AFU1-2

AFU1-2 sound pickup philosophy

In the LP record, sound grooves of 120-micron width are engraved at intervals of 600 or more from the outer circumference to the inner circumference, and the needle traces submicron music signals.
Characteristics required for the arm are fine movement when the cartridge traces the signal, light movement to adjacent sound grooves to prevent unnecessary vibration, and vibration generated by the needle that is only directed to the generating coil. Also, during the record production process, the movement of the cutting race is straight, so head movement also requires linear movement. In AFU1-2, linear tracking was realized through levitation, the fine movement at the time of signal tracing was suppressed by the weight of the arm, and the movement to the adjacent groove was slow and light. Vibration generated at the tip of the needle is transmitted through the arm and damped by the air layer of the slider part, so it will not be reflected to the tip of the needle.


Linear tracking arm

Record grooves are not engraved at regular intervals, and where the signal is small, the interval is small, whereas if the signal is large, the interval is large, earning the time to be able to reproduce.
In the past, several linear tracking arms that detected the angle of the needle tip and served as serial control were suggested, but since there was a disadvantage to servo-control (as described above) it disappeared from the market.
In AFU1-2, the arm can be moved with a force of 0.5 g or less due to its floating structure, and the irregular record groove can stably trace from the outer periphery to the inner periphery. Also, heavyweight arm units are not swayed by music signals and trace without missing the fine movements of the needlepoints.

Unnecessary vibration generated at the needle tip

Mechanical vibration traced by the needle point is converted into electric signals by the generating coil, but this mechanical vibration passes through the stylus, cartridge body, and shell and arm, it then is reflected at the mechanical contact point and returns to the tip of the needle, while adding extra things to the playback signal. In AFU 1-2, vibration from the tip of the needle at the floating part of the slider, as well as the unnecessary exterior vibration are damped, and produces silent forest like atmosphere.

Pump Unit POU1 (Sold separately)
Medical Certified Air Pulse pump flow


Pump Unit

It is an air pump unit for raising TAT1. The air pump is driven by a 12V DC supplied from the motor drive unit, and by adopting a medical certified motor pump, it allows for a long period of stable operation. Because the compressed air coming out of the pump is a pulsating flow, it can be supplied as compressed air with no ripple and vibration by Π type filter. Furthermore, it adopts a sound leakage prevention system with a double sealed structure, and maintains quietness even if it is installed in a listening room.

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Product summary

Air Float Linear Tracking Arm AFU1-2

Type AFU1-2
Method Air float type linear tracking arm
Arm lifting mechanism Manual operation with lever
Azimuth / arm length adjustment Adjustment with fixing screw
Compliant cartridge weight 20g-40g (Including shell)
Compatible stylus pressure 1.5-5g
Adjustment of needle pressure Static balance
Output terminal DIN 5P
Installation size 310×81×327
Accessories DIN 5P phono cable, cartridge shell, arm setting gauge, level, Φ4air tube
別売品 Pump Unit POU1 , Base plate BPL1 , Linear arm Attachment LAA1

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Warranty period 5 years (excluding consumables) registration is required






Base plate BPL1 (Sold separately)


Linear arm Attachment LAA1 (Sold separately)