Air floats and linear tracking make for the ideal pickup. Moves sideways smoothly with air. Air film absorbs unwanted vibrations and external noise.

Linear Arm AFU1-2


Ideal sound pick-up

The record has more than 600 grooves of 120μ and irregular spacing depending on the signal, so it is important that the groove be traced consistently from the outside to the inside.

The ideal sound pick-up is:
  • The tonearm doesn't move when tracing.
  • Light and smooth when moving the groove.
  • Only the vibration of the stylus is transmitted to the coil.

In addition, ideally, the record is cutting in a straight line, so the trajectory should be the same when tracing.


AFU1-2's concept

  • 1.0 kg in weight to reduce micro-motion
  • Light and smooth movement with less than 0.1g of air float
  • Absorbs unwanted vibration and external noise with an air film of 0.01mm
  • Traced in a straight line on the same trajectory as the cutting machine

The AFU1-2 was developed with the above concept in mind, it traces precisely from the outside to the inside of an irregular record.


Attachable Dimensions

AFU1-2 can be installed with the dimensions shown in the diagram. (Or add a platform for the AFU1-2)

Please check the position of the turntable and tonearm.


High-quietness Air Pump

The air pump uses a plunger pump system. Four cylinders powerfully supply the capacity required by the turntable and linear arm. The double-sealed sound leakage and vibration prevention system keeps the unit quiet enough to be installed in a listening room.

*Air pump POU2 is sold separately.


Model AFU1-2
Type Air Float Linear Tracking
Applicable Cartridge Weight 20-40g(Including Shell)
Applicable Stylus Weight 1.5-5g
Stylus Pressure Adjustmentt Static Balance
Screw Adjustment Azimuth, Tonearm Length, Leveling
Arm Lift Manual
Output Terminal DIN 5P
Installation Dimensions 310W × 81H × 327D


Air Control Box ACB1, Air Tube φ4

Tornarm Adjustment Gauge, Level

Sold Separately

Air Pump POU2, Base Plate BPL1

Linear Arm Attachment LAA1

    • The AFU1-2 requires the optional Air Pump POU2 and attachments.
    • Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice

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