Air Float Linear Tracking Arm

Air float and linear tracking for ideal sound pickup. Linear tracking system which traces in a straight line as well as the cutting trajectory is adopted. In addition, it moves smoothly only by the force of air without applying servo and traces the sound groove accurately, and absorbs unwanted vibration and external noise by the air film. Linear tracking and air float, with two forces to reduce tracking error to zero.

Ideal sound pickup

Records have 120-micron-wide sound grooves engraved at least 600, with small signal intervals and large signal intervals and irregularities, so it is important to trace sound grooves stably from the outer to the inner circumference.

  • Do not cause microtremors when the cartridge traces.

  • Lightly and smoothly move to the adjacent sound groove

  • Vibration generated by the needle is transmitted only to the power coil without being subjected to unwanted vibration.

The ideal sound pickup is:

In addition, since the cutting lace moves in a straight line to engrave the sound groove in the manufacturing process of the record, the tracking error of the outer and inner circumferences is eliminated.

  • Move in the same trajectory as when cutting even during tracing
    It is also ideal.

AFU1-2 pick-up philosophy

  • Weight of 1.0kg suppresses microtremors and traces sound grooves accurately

  • Air float moves lightly and smoothly with a force of 0. 5g or less

  • Absorbs unwanted vibration and external noise with an air film of 0.01mm

  • Trace in a straight line with the same trajectory as the cutting machine

The AFU1-2 was developed under the philosophy of picking up sounds.

AFU1-2's proprietary airfloat design allows the arm to move without applying servos with a force of 0.0 5g or less, and leaves the servos to the sound grooves. The irregular record groove is traced from the outer circumference to the inner circumference without missing the minute movement of the needle tip while suppressing the generation of noise.


Attachable dimensions

You can add a player or stand within the dimensions shown in the figure. Check the position of the turntable and arm.


Air pump POU1 (sold separately)

Supply air from the air pump POU1 to levitate the arm. It is motorized for use in DC12V drives and medical devices, enabling long-term stable operation. Compressed air coming out of the pump is pulsatile flow. It is smoothed by a π-type filter to supply compressed air without vibration. A double-sealed sound leak prevention system maintains sufficient quietness even when installed in the listening room.


Model AFU1-2
Method Air float linear tracking arm
Arm up/down mechanism Manual by lever
Azimuth/arm length adjustment Adjustment with fixing screw
Applicable cartridge weight 20g-40g (including shell)
Applicable needle pressure 1.5-5g
Needle pressure adjustment Static balance
Output terminal DIN 5P
Installation size 310W × 81H × 327D
  • To use the AFU1-2, the optional air pump unit POU1 and baseplate arm attachment are required.
  • Changes in specifications, design, design, price, etc. may be made without prior notice.


AFU1-2_本体正面.jpg  AFU1-2_外形図.jpg