Compactly designed turntable with a flagship concept. The weight of the granite base, the brass platter, and the air floating establish a high level of quietness.

Turntable TAT2M2

The platter material has been changed from stainless steel to brass, following the previous model's housing design of granite base, air float, and servo-less. With this change, even open-circuit type cartridges* using air-core coils are not affected by magnetic flux leakage, creating a quiet and expressive sound.

* Due to the open magnetic circuit and the powerful neodymium magnet used to secure the output, even non-magnetic stainless steel is magnetized, affecting the pickup of audio signals.


Super heavy turntable

The heavy chassis and air floating suppress micro vibrations. The base is made of granite and the platter is made of brass, both machined to a precision of 5μ. This allows the platter to air float and rotate. In addition, the taper of the platter and the heavy stabilizer keep the record close together to suppress micro vibrations.


Non-servo motor drive

Servo noise is eliminated by open control that does not apply a servo. In addition, a highly accurate voltage is supplied to the motor without fluctuation based on a crystal oscillator with high frequency accuracy. This unique "XFD System" technology allows the 18kg brass platter to rotate stably with a high moment of inertia.


Two arms expandability

Configurations can be selected to suit your system, such as using our Linear Arm AFU1-2 , a swing arm, or two arms. One arm attachment is included. In case of swing arm, it is machined to fit the specified. Air Supply POU2 (sold separately) is required for use.


Quiet air supply

The air supply is equipped with a highly reliable pump used in medical equipment to powerfully supply the volume required by the platter and linear arm. A double-sealed sound leakage and vibration prevention system keeps the system quiet enough to be installed in a listening room.

*Air Supply POU2 is sold separately.


Base, Motor drive integrated unit



Arm Attachment LAA2 or SAA2 *

Player Board LPB2

Sold separately

Air Supply POU2

Sold separately

Linear Arm AFU1-2

Sold separately

* Linear Arm AFU1-2 is equipped with LAA2 and swing arm is equipped with SAA2. SAA2 will be machined to fit the swing arm specified. One arm attachment is included; the second arm attachment is available for a fee.








Granite Accuracy JIS0 class

440W×128H×320D mm

19 kg



φ296×34.7H mm

18 kg

Motor Control

Quartz oscillator, No-Feedback XFD system

Drive System

Thread drive (Aramid)


DC coreless low-noise motor

Turntable Speeds

33⅓, 45rpm

Rotation Precision



0.2% or less


0.04% or less

Power Supply

AC100/120/200/240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

40 W


AC cord, Air tube, Drive thread, Level, Lubricating oil, Platter handle, Arm Attachment LAA2 or SAA2

Sold Separately

Player Board LPB2

Air Supply POU2

Linear Arm AFU1-2

Warranty Period

5 years

  • One arm attachment is included; the second arm attachment is available for a fee.
  • Air Supply POU2 (sold separately) is required for use.
  • Since the motor is not servo controlled, it takes time to reach a constant speed.
  • Due to the use of granite, the pattern and color tone of the stone may vary depending on the production lot.
  • Dimensions do not include legs, knobs, or terminals.
  • The descriptions are current as of March 31, 2023.
  • The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Actual colors may differ from those in the photographs due to photography, lighting, etc.

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